Vision & Mission


To be one of the best rubber molded goods manufacturing companies in the world, by continuously focusing and improving our core competency in rubber technology, mold design, quality and customer satisfaction leveraging employee engagement.


Incorporate quality culture as the basis and follow a strategy of total quality management for providing a flawless product as a key differentiator, so that our customers will have a competitive edge in the market.

Continuously enhance the research and development activities and hone technical know-how for providing unique and appropriate solution to our customers.

Unceasingly indulge in training and skill development of our employees to make them possess the key competencies for achieving customer ecstasy.

Remain uncompromising with regard to creating customer ecstasy through our major advancements in enhancing product life strategy. Compassion and spirituality being the stepping stones for investing in social and environmental development for an all-around well-being of the society.

Create a favorable environment for the employees to develop professionally and personally which will ultimately help them in their overall growth and advancement.

Core Values