Leadership Team (Directors)


Founder and Managing Director

Mr.V.S.Ramdass founded Sri Ramkarthic Polymers Pvt Ltd (SRKP) in 1988. He currently serves as managing director. Prior to establishing SRKP he was working with a premier manufacturing company in Coimbatore, India. He has more than 50 years of work experience in manufacturing, rubber technology and operations management. He has guided the company from its nascent stage through its current day operations, using his unique management style. He is passionate about empowering the employees to achieve their full potential personally and professionally. He has also dedicated his life to creating positive social change among the downtrodden and needy by compassionate service and spiritual education.

Dr. Ramkumar Karthic Ramdass


Dr. Ramkumar Karthic Ramdass, is a Director at SRKP and serves on our Board of Directors. He is a practicing Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. He takes a humanitarian approach to his profession and demonstrates commitment towards the health of his patients and our employees. He was also Professor at R.V.S. Dental College and Hospital, Coimbatore. Dr. Ramkumar is always available for the SRKP employees for providing medical assistance. In addition, as a director he provides support to the leadership and management in various aspects of business like human resource development, new project initiatives and regulatory aspects of the business.

Mr. Sriram Ramdass

Executive Director

Mr. Sriram Ramdass, is the Executive Director of SRKP and serves on the Board of Directors. He completed his Master of Science in Construction Science from Arizona State University, USA and his MBA from California State University, USA. In addition to serving on the Board of Directors, he is an independent management consultant helping engineering and construction firms in project planning and management. At SRKP, Mr. Sriram is responsible for new initiatives and overall business strategy implementation. He works closely with our General Managers and Engineering Staff to identify problems and provides the needed management support to solve them in an expeditious manner. Mr. Sriram oversees our International Business Division. Being the North American Liaison for SRKP, he is our primary point of contact for our American customers and the rubber industry at large in USA.

Top Management (General Managers)


General Manager of Marketing and Commercial

Mr.P.Ramachandran (PR) is our General Manager of Marketing and Commercial. In this role he is responsible for the strategic growth of the company and all aspects of business development. He is known for building trust and loyalty with both customers and employees. One of the first employees of SRKP, PR joined the company during its inception in 1988. Starting as a marketing executive, he subsequently earned Sales Leader of the Year award in the following year. With more than 30 years in the industry, he is keenly aware of the overall market for rubber products and maintains a cordial relationship with all our suppliers, clients, and industry professionals. As the team lead of marketing his primary responsibility is to ensure the marketing Key Performance Indicators are maintained at the highest level throughout the organization.  An effective negotiator, he also brings to the table his strong command of business finance and accounting to add value to the firm.


General Manager of Operations and Production

Mr.S.Ramachandran (SR) is our General Manager of Operations and Production. He started with SRKP in 1992, and since then has been the key driver of the company’s operational excellence and technological growth. As the plant head he is involved in managing the day to day operations of the company. SR has more than 30 years of combined managerial and technical experience. He is an expert in rubber technology, mold design, product design and manufacturing. Customers and industry Peers alike look up to him to help solve complex issues related to rubber molding design and manufacturing. He is recognized for fundamentally changing the competitive landscape in the engineering industry by leveraging various technologies with premium interstate labor services.

A creative problem solver and team leader, he helps SRKP stay focused on strategic business objectives while mitigating risk. Mr.SR also leads the Human Resource department and is knowledgeable in civil & compliance laws. He is passionate about the organization and has helped mentor, develop, and transform our employees.


General Manager of Quality and Costing

Mr.Rajaram (LR) is our General Manager of Quality and Costing. He oversees implementation of the total quality management program at SRKP. His expertise is not limited to quality but spans the whole spectrum product life cycle management. He joined SRKP in 1995 and in the past 25 years, he led the development of standard operating procedures for every aspect of the business. Rajaram’s dedication to delivering high-quality products and customer experiences has made him a trusted leader and customer partner. Existing and new customers across the industries trust his expertise to ensure that they get a quality experience no matter what. In addition to his day to day challenges, he is passionate about social work and is the leader of SRKP’s social services wing. He is particularly passionate of lake rejuvenation and diligently volunteers his along with his family towards the clean up of lakes in the surrounding areas. He has also contributed countless hours to help the underprivileged and homeless people across Coimbatore.