About Us

Welcome to Sri Ramkarthic Polymers Pvt Ltd

From a very humble beginning in 1988, now with more than 30 years experience we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and exporter of customized vulcanized-rubber molded components and rubber compounds. We are a quality driven organization with a robust knowledge in rubber technology which ensures stringent quality during each and every stage of manufacture – from the selection of quality raw materials till dispatching of the finished goods.

Through our dedicated R&D team, we strive to solve the highly complex and challenging engineering problems by offering tailor made solutions to our customers across various sectors. Thus, by capitalizing on the ideas of the OEM firms, we guide our customers from the development of prototypes till the successful materialization of end product for its desired performance.

With our maxim “QUALITY ALWAYS”, we have adopted a rigorous continuous improvement policy that covers all our internal resources (Man, Machine, Material and Method). As a result, we have equipped and evolved our employee’s skill-sets, material sourcing processes and standard operating procedures to overwhelm the industrial benchmarks.

By exploiting six-sigma and lean manufacturing techniques inculcated within our manufacturing systems, we offer our customers quality products yet at a competitive price, thus creating not only customer satisfaction and also customer delight.

With adequate spare capacity, we are ready to meet the growing demands for rubber molded components. Since its inception, SRKP has pushed its boundaries to maintain a steadily increasing growth trajectory and will strive to sustain the same in the years to come.