The Human Resources Department of 2021 from a HR Manager’s Perspective

The New Year’s Eve was both a challenge and relief for everyone who was looking forward to the year 2021 after a challenging 2020. The year 2020 posed an unprecedented challenge to the staff working in the human resources sector because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many companies care about the physical well-being of their employees, especially after the onset of covid-19. They handed over this responsibility to their human resources department to protect their workers. The HR department team diligently took care of the health of the workers and thereby avoiding any liability to the organization. They did their job very well, even in a difficult situation where even the welfare of the family members of the employees had to be considered to prevent the spread of germs in the office.

Today, HR teams are working around the clock, taking unprecedented measures to keep their employees safe and ensure that their organizations survive a crisis like COVID-19. When compared to a family, we liken a Human Resource Manager, to a Dad in charge and Mom in warmth. If any employee feels no one listens to my plight, the HR will present themselves as Wellness Counsellors and give their employees their ears and end up burying many secrets within themselves. The HR today is the person who starts his day job from a mundane and lowly task such as Toilet inspection to ensure that areas are sanitized to moving to on to other major responsibilities. Many people outside the department think that the Human Resource Department is the injustice department. However, it is a thankless job, the HRs are the ones who will make way for many others to get compliments while staying humble. HR knows about the company’s growth and helps elevate the company to the next level. The HR knows how to handle the workers. In addition, the HR knows how to overcome certain major regulatory issues, they understand the government’s plans, are aware of the training programs and help the management execute them. The HR department is also tasked with keeping employees motivated, help in remote working, deal with insurance claims when a health crisis occurs, and finally ensure the employees mental well-being.

Overall, the HR department in 2021 will be more important for an organization’s success than before. The HR department of the future will take a more personalized approach than a collective approach. The purpose of every HR is to help you! The employees should trust the HR person and give them the respect they deserve, and in turn they will be helping themselves and their organization.