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From a very humble beginning in 1988, now with more than 30 years experience we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and exporter of customized vulcanized-rubber molded components and rubber compounds. We are a quality driven organization with a robust knowledge in rubber technology which ensures stringent quality during each and every stage of manufacture – from the selection of quality raw materials till dispatching of the finished goods.

Through our dedicated R&D team, we strive to solve the highly complex and challenging engineering problems by offering tailor made solutions to our customers across various sectors. Thus, by capitalizing on the ideas of the OEM firms, we guide our customers from the development of prototypes till the successful materialization of end product for its desired performance.

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What We Do?

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    Metal to Rubber Bonding
    Many industries require products that have rubber bonded to metal. A wide variety of elastomers like EPDM, Natural, SBR, NBR, HNBR, POLYURETHANE FKM, Silicone & NBR/PVC are available to suit the customer applications in various fields. We can help in Component design, selection of proper rubber/metal bonding products, cleaning and surface preparation process and all other aspects to ensure the best metal to rubber bonded component is achieved.
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    Fabric Impregnated Diaphragm
    Fabric impregnated diaphragm is a composite material based by reinforcing rubber with fabrics. Fabric impregnation refers to a coated textile material with elastomers to suit industrial diaphragms, seals & pads.
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    Compression Molding
    We are leaders in compression molding and since inception have produced a range of precision rubber molded components using compression molding. Compression molding is a process where the rubber material is compressed between the plates causing the compound to flow to fill the cavity. We have the expertise to suggest the best process parameters and tools to be used to develop a new product.
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    Plastic to Rubber Bonding
    We can permanently bond plastic with rubber by means of mechanical or chemical process based on the application and customer requirement.
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    Rubber Molded Components
    SRKP has got the expertise in molded components using elastomers like EPDM, NBR, CR, SILICONE, FLUROSILICONE, FKM, SBR, POLYACRYLIC, POLYURETHANE. We can create the products by compression, injection & transfer injection molding process with excellent process consistency to produce high performance products
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    Injection Molding
    We have the infrastructure and machinery to do injection molding. Injection molding has more efficiency and higher process control. The rubber injection molding process works by significantly heating the rubber and using a very high pressure to inject the rubber compound in to the mold.
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    Teflon to Rubber Bonding
    Bonded rubber parts are preferred over virgin rubber products in many applications. therefore, rubber bonded with Teflon is used in applications that demand strength, flexibility, hardness or temperature resistance.
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    Rubber Compounding
    We have a in house mixing and compounding plant with chemists and compounding specialists. Rubber compounding is the complex multidisciplinary science of selecting & blending the appropriate combination of elastomers & other ingredients to meet the performance, manufacturing, environmental & cost requirements for rubber goods made & used in commerce. Through the years we have successfully created thousands of unique recipes for rubber compounds.
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    Transfer Injection Molding
    Transfer injection molding is a variation of the compression transfer moulding process where the transfer unit in the top of the form will be filled with plasticized rubber through the injection unit of the injection molding machine. The transfer of already plasticized rubber compound allows a smoother filling of the mold .Transfer molding is a process resulting in higher dimensional tolerances & less environmental impact.

Featured Products

Metal to Rubber

Metal to Rubber Bonded products include any parts requiring the flexibility and durability of rubber and the stability of a metal.


Gaskets are primary used for sealing purposes in a wide variety of applications in a diverse range of environments


Seals are used to prevent leakages between two moving parts such as pumps, engine parts and shafts.


Encapsulation involves performing rubber encapsulation on metal wedges used in Valves for water distribution systems and waste water treatment facilities

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